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You Will Never Influence the World

On my quest to be a fantastical art director and designer, I've been trying my hand a little at hand-drawn typography. It's been an absolute blast, sitting there and correcting the curves on my R's and B's and making sure all me V's and W's have the proper angles to them, drawing in my grid papered notebook for a while getting this friggen hieroglyph to look right. It creates a really cool look for any creative project, and for more unique than many typefaces.

So fun. I've been emulating/copying some different styles and types of lettering. One of my favorites hand-drawn lettering artists is this guy who goes by the alias of Sean Wes.

Sean does some sick stuff with micron pens. I recently took one of his hand-drawn pieces and did my own, then digitized it for a bit. This was my result.