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WWDC 2017: Strong Showing from Apple This Year

The fact that I (as an enormous tech nerd) don't recall anything from WWDC 2016 is telling. Yet, this year's has already proven chock full of great announcements for both tech nerds and average consumers alike.

Here I'll briefly speak on the two announcements I think are pretty interesting for the average consumer:

You'll be Able to Send & Receive Money Through iMessage in iOS 11

This is pretty sweet. Basically, you'll be be able to connect Apple Pay to iMessage and send and receive money like you do on Venmo or Squarecash. This is definitely not a new idea, but it'll definitely slay in the American market where Apple's iMessage is pretty dominant. (Or at least I'm told by all my friends who are sick of me being a green bubble on their iPhones).

Apple's "Homepod" is Aimed to Compete With Both Sonos & Amazon Echo/Google Home

As ridiculous as the name "Homepod" is, this product does seem nifty for the consumer market. It'll basically act as a speaker from which to play a lot of your music. Presumably it'll connect well with Apple Music but we don't know how nicely it'll play with Spotify, G Play Music, etc. If you get two they'll sync, and be a nice burden on your wallet. 

It'll also will have Siri built-in which will obviously do all the things that Siri currently does on the iPhone. Whether or not you actually use Siri for anything other than the weather will probably determine whether you buy this thing or not.

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