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What were they thinking: Beck 360 "Experience"

In their 2014 Interactive Annual, Communication Arts featured a... branded?... video with a Beck performance.

This post is in no way meant to mock Beck. Not at all. This post is about how fucking pointless this mini-site is, and horribly executed.

FIRST of all they say it's a 360 experience which makes it seem as though you could watch at any point within a 360º circle at any time... Nope. That isn't the case at all. All that this "360º Experience" means is that they had a couple cameras doing circles around this Beck performance. Really? Fuck you.

Secondly, is just how long it takes for this video to load. Seriously go to the website now if you have the time... I'll wait... 

Yeah... that was a thing... Did you hate yourself for going there?

Third! I love the way all the buttons interact.... There's really cool tech behind it. You can have your face tracked to look where you want. Interact with all the pretty buttons they have set out for you...

They're cool at first, yet eventually it's just overwhelming. They throw button after feature at you and it's so intimidating. 

FINAL POINT: What the fuck does this have to do with Lincoln Motor Company? (Hint: Nothing)

Yep. Nothing. Wtf? Why even make this? There is absolutely N O connection to your brand whatsoever. Even if you have... wait for it... seriously I have to get the book... AHEM... 290,000,000 impressions WHY DOES IT MATTER IF THERE'S NO CONNECTION TO THE BRAND.

From the Comm Arts feature page:

"Almost 40% of viewers watched the full 9+ minutes"

In other words ONLY 1/3 OF PEOPLE WATCHING GAVE ENOUH OF A SHIT TO FINISH. And you didn't even brand the event. Not even a little.

Look, it's cool, but it's a waste of a client's money in ad world.

Getting off my soap box now...

Daniel Regueira