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What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us

If you're one of the people who are wondering what the point of Google+ is, and why people rushed to it so much, then you're like me. At first, I followed the tech geeks to the beta testing and loved it because it was so exclusive, after a while it lost its luster a little bit. I know most, if not all, of my friends still feels this way today, "Facebook is so much better ," they say.


If you still think that way, then you should read this book.


The problem with this mindset is that people approach Google+ as a Facebook replacement rather than an independent concept in its own right. In his book, What the Plus! Guy Kawasaki highlights what makes Google+ a completely different concept than other social media, as well as the strengths of Google+ over Facebook and Twitter functionally.


Kawasaki uses these "3 P's" when it comes to social media:

Twitter = Perspectives (News, short and timely info)

Facebook = People (Friends & Family)

Google+ = Passions


Firstly the fundamental error people make is to restrict their post to just their circles, rather than making them public. Making them public opens them up to the wide range of people exploring Google+, and even though there are many jackasses on the internet it's still a wonderful place to interact with people.

Furthermore, there are pre-made Circles that many people have shared already. The book links to many helpful places, including somewhere to find awesome pre-made circles here.


Ultimately this book costs just $3 for a Kindle or iBook edition and is well worth it. It's also a pretty quick read and not too time consuming, and at the same time it'll probably change you social media life for the better.


If you want more insight into Guy Kawasaki you can watch this video which is an awesome interview with him by Seattle photographer Chase Jarvis (who is the man) or just google him...


Daniel out.



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