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Unemployee of the Year - 72 and Sunny

"Hate is one of the causes for the lack of social and economic development of new generations. UNHATE projects will finance concrete actions in local communities to promote dialogue and acceptance of diversity, that will be implemented by associations and organisations whose beneficiaries are mainly children and young people.

By promoting the social impact of art, these actions will be selected for their capacity to bring long lasting and rooted positive effects in the target communities, where youth will become true agents for change and fight against hate." - (

This ad campaign is for a clothing company called United Colors of Benetton. They have a social outreach program called Unhate which offers grants for community outreach around the world whose main focus are the arts.

72 tries to brand the Unhate project as a force for social change through a campaign they call "Unemployee of the Year", as commentary of the high levels of unemployment for young people around the world.



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