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the web is what you make of it

I recently re-watched this ad campaign for Google Chrome and it still gets me. Many of you have probably already seen one of these ads, and if not then enlighten yourself.  

This one is a local Austin restaurant! (4 Stars on Yelp!)


Like other great campaigns they’re executed beautifully. The video sequences are eye-catching and visually captivating. That’s no surprise.

What I think makes the campaign a fantastic one (as opposed to a good one) is the power of its emotional appeal. The “Dear Sophie” video (which is probably the one you're familiar) for example plays on the connection between parent and child through emails, videos, and photos being shared through Google products such as Gmail, Youtube, Picassa, and Chrome.

Pairing this emotional appeal with the benefits & features of Google products is absolutely brilliant. It makes me want to go use their products even more (which is the point of advertising).

The “It Gets Better” video uses a similar emotional appeal as the previous video and features Dan Savage, a well-known and openly gay writer/ podcaster who’s spearheaded the “It Gets Better” project, which helps young, gay Americans battle bullying and discrimination.

Attaching the Google brand to this powerful social movement is an effective way to associate the brand with progressive ideals. On top of that, incorporating the Google Chrome brand and individual Google products with these emotional appeals is an absolutely brilliant move.

The message is simple. The web is what you make of it, and Google is your way to make it happen.

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