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The Sagan Series - The Frontier Is Everywhere

It's easy to lose faith in human-kind. There's a lot going on today. Our media is wrought with negative imagery and commentary. With so much on the corruption, misfortune, disease, disaster, political ideologies and economic hiccups, it can be hard to see good.

I've recently rediscovered some inspirational fodder from a fan-made promotional video for NASA (by Reid Gower) titled "The Frontier is Everywhere". The video features an audio excerpt from one of the most iconic American scientists of the 20th century, Carl Sagan, and his book "The Pale Blue Dot".

Mr. Gower brilliantly crafts the excerpt to downplay the ignorance and destructive capabilities of humanity in favor of our progressive and forward-thinking nature.  Mr. Sagan had an insight and perspective that not many do today. He was able to accurately sum up and criticize the damning points of human-kind while praising our tenacity and hunger for exploration. I find this video to be an absolute inspiration, it makes me feel proud to be a human (unlike the majority of mainstream media).


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