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"The Mothership" - Apple Inc.'s New HQ

From the beginning Steve Jobs' aesthetic vision was simple. Smooth, sleek, white and very simple. Depsite Jobs' death, his vision lives on not only through the products that Apple sells but through the architecture of this massive structure.

Some confidential images of the interior of this "mothership" by Élyse Betters of 9to5Mac, a website that specializes in Apple leaks and rumors. In these images we can see some of the designs for the new Apple HQ. Architecturally it seems to reflect the design ethos of Steve Jobs himself; beautifully simple, elegant and impressive (through sheer mass and size).


This new Apple campus is going to be big. Really big. The architect(s) on this project do(es) an amazing job of replicating Jobs' designs in this behemoth of a building. If the simple, sleek and simplistic beauty alone don't impress you then the sheer size of this thing might ad a bit of grandeur to it. The way this place is designed isn't like most building in the world where nature is cut out and artificial light is the only thing you're exposed to during hours of working indoors. It seems that this new campus is crafted to let a lot of natural light in, trying not to fight the natural expanse around it, but to complement it.

No matter what you think of Apple and the design of it's products, you have to concede that this place is impressive. Whether through aesthetic beauty or just it's sheer size.

For more photos head here.

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