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The European Union - Join or Die

Unless you live under a rock, then you have some idea of the economic turmoil in Europe right now. Each government decided to do it's own thing, and rang up their debt to uncontrollable levels. Specifically in Greece, Italy, and Spain. Each country is insistent on maintaining it's own political independence, while forming an economic unity through a common currency as well as trade amongst one another amongst a sea of other changes in policy.

Yet because the Germans have no say in what the Greek government does, that creates some level of chaos, and it's that chaos that has them in their current economic mess.

It's obvious that the solution for this problem would be to make the European Union not only an economic entity, but a political one, and it is my believe that the European nation states are having a similar experience to the states of America after The Articles of Confederation. There is only one solution. And as a student art director I chose to express that in the easiest way I could.

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