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Cadillac Ranch

Okay so I have a few blogposts to catch up on... I've been in Amarillo for a few weeks and been bored out of my mind/somewhat busy but I didn't have access to a car so I couldn't do much. When I had a minute to go with my dad to Cadillac ranch, just outside of Amarillo I was able to get some HDR shots. I've always wanted to get some HDR pics of Cadillac ranch because of all the colors you have there from people spray painting the cars and not to mention the amazing clouds you get in Amarillo.

So I grabbed this shot...

I liked the clouds a lot then, they were pretty epic, and using the wide angle on this shot really helped. I just tonemapped the shot in photomatix then post processed it in lightroom afterwards.

ok that's the end of this post, I'm boring I know...

Happy Shooting :O

Daniel Regueira