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Taekwondo 2011 U.S. Open Austin, Texas

I had the pleasure of attending the U.S. Open this year here in Austin to support some of my teammates from Texas Taekwondo and it was definitely an experience. There were teams from Canada, Morocco, Denmark, Israel, Mexico, Australia, France, the UK and even Azerbaijan. I was volunteering for a lot of the time so I wasn't able to get as many shots as I would've liked but here are some that I was able to get: Head Shot

This is a shot of an American competitor going for a head shot as he was down against a French competitor, as the rest of the French team shows support. The American competitor would go on to win thereafter, as the French team showed their disappointment.

Arms Held High

This American competitor raises his arms in celebration after his wining kick in the Sudden Death round against a Mexican competitor.

Here another American competitor goes for a head shot as a Mexican Competitor dodges the kick:


Sadly that's all I was able to get from this event but I enjoyed it!

Daniel Regueira