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Reviving The Nexus 5 Once And For All

What are Nexus devices?...

Simply put, Nexus devices are Google’s release of what is referred to as “pure Android” devices. What this means is this: Android manufacturers like HTC or Samsung almost always overlay their “skin” on top of Android. That’s why when you look at an HTC, or LG, or Samsung phone they all look different.

Nexus devices, although still created by hardware manufacturers like HTC or LG are contracted by Google to look a certain way and to run plain-old, un-fucked-with Android.

Who are these phones for?

Hands down (no pun intended) Nexus devices are mainly for tech nerds. People who know what they’re getting with these devices are the ones that purchase them.

Programmers usually love them. Hardware nerds love them The tech savvy love them… You get the picture.

Why is the Nexus 5 (2013) such a big deal?...

Because why not damn it?! Hold on, let me explain better…

The Nexus 5 (2013) was one of the most celebrated Android phones ever made. Reason being, it was cheap OFF CONTRACT (around $250 compared to around $750 for Apple or Samsung), yet it competed with all the expensive big-boys on the block at the time.

I mean… People are still making versus videos comparing to phones that came out this year (2015)… Ridiculous…

THAT is how much of a cult-following this phone has.

Why not just remake that phone?...

According to rumors, THEY ARE!!!!

And also according to rumors it’s being made by LG again. This time it can either be really cheap, or packed with cool new gizmos like a finger-print scanner or a 3D camera.

There are WAY TOO MANY exciting rumors floating around.

So it does the same stuff my iPhone does?... Who cares then?...

So… technically… yes. It does the same stuff as your iPhone…

BUT there is a very high likelihood that this thing will also be available for Project Fi... If you don’t know what Project Fi is then YOU’RE LAME. But I’ll explain anyway.

Much like Google’s small, controlled foray into the world of fiber optic broadband with Google Fiber, Project Fi is Google’s attempt and becoming a cell phone carrier.

Yeah. A cell phone carrier.

The basic idea is that they use different signals depending on where you are from different providers, whether it’s Wi-Fi, T-Mobile, or AT&T.

The potential for this is why Project Fi (and the new Nexus phones) are SO EXCITING.


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