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Self-Portrait -> Lower East Side

So today Pedro didn't go with me so I went by myself to the Lower East side. Today it was totally pouring, raining hard. I was soaked head to toe. I tried to make it somewhat quick so I just took a quick walk through the Lower East side to get some shots. The rain was kinda of degrading, somehow, usually it can feel liberating but today it just wasn't nice, especial while walking so damn much... Not enjoyable... I really wasn't feeling photography at all today, I tried but to be honest it was all to miserable, I couldn't really motivate myself to do anything. After shooting stuff I felt like I needed for the photobook I started thinking. I started thinking about a certain someone and all her amazing self-portraits and I though what the hell I haven't done any in forever so I'll do some.

This pic is the result of that experimentation. It was taken in the Lower East side against a wall with a gigantic mural on it.

Thank you Olivia for your inspiration =]

Happy Shooting

Daniel Regueira