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Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu!/Eevee!: GameFreak Throws Nintendo a Bone Filled With Nostalgia (and Money, Lots of Money)


If you're a Pokémon fan and you didn't see the Let's Go announcement then you might be living under a Roggenrola. (I’m not sorry for that joke)

If you don't know about the announcement then click here and come back.

First thing's first: despite the fact that news outlets are calling this a Pokémon Yellow remake, it's NOT. This game is more of a Pokemon Go/Kanto fusion. It's a spin-off of the core series. For my reasoning click here to see my thread from my Techquila handle.

Now, earlier in the year there were rumors that Gen 8 might come out this year. A Nintendo magazine preview said as much but wasn't published. Later, there were rumors that it would be Kanto with no new Pokemon as well. Interestingly, leaks from *Nintendo* sources stated that a game was coming out this year, while leaks from *GameFreak* sources said it was coming out 2019 or later.

This stress between GameFreak and Nintendo is something the Pokemon community has been aware of and talking about. It's the typical owner/worker dichotomy. It's Dialectical Materialism: Poké-Version (I'm not sorry for that joke). Goes something like this: owner wants to product out ASAP to make that sweet, sweet cashola, and developers just want to take their sweet time to make the best product they possibly can.

Because of this there were rumors flying around for radically different games that people were conflating. This is initial one (that became Lets Go), and these rumors (that might be Gen 8).

The first rumor that materialized was Pokemon Let's Go, and it seems to be a compromise between both parties. Or, at the very least GameFreak throwing a bone to their capitalist overlords. But it's also a very strategic bone. It’s meant to draw in PokemonGo fans as well as Kanto fans that haven’t been playing the main series games.

But, on the same night as the Let's Go announcement Pokemon confirmed there will be a 2019 release of a core title, which will likely be Gen 8.

It's apparent that GameFreak were developing this badass core series game, but Nintendo threw a tantrum and wanted a Pokemon game on the Switch NOW to sell consoles and games. They're all about that money (and it's worked). And so, succumbing to pressure, they had to release *something*.

And, despite that *something* being rushed, it looks pretty good. And more importantly it's a smart play to get Kanto lovers and Pokemon Go players into the series to potentially buy the next core games in 2019. Smart smart smart.


Potential spoilers: if you wanna see the AMAZING rumors around Gen 8 that I hope come true check out this video.

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