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Photoshoot: Mori & The Contraband

So Friday I went for a photoshoot with Mori and her band The Contraband. Mori wanted to use her dad's office area for the shoot which turned out to be an amazing setting for the shoot. If you wanna check out Mori's music you can go to her myspace or her bandcamp to hear her EP.

You can check out Justin Cohn and his band the Space Cushions at their myspace.

Andrew Abramowitz is part of another band called The Ivy League so check them out too cause they're great. I'm sure he'll be in other bands in the future as well.

We took this shot outside on a metal staircase along the building. Starting from the bottom in this shot we have Mori Einsidler, Andrew Abramowitz, Corinne Segal, Ian Priven and Justin Cohn.

Thanks for reading,  please check out the music at the link on the beginning of the post if you have the chance.

Happy Shooting/Rocking

Daniel Regueira