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Photo: What are the odds? - Scott Rickenburger

This photo by Scott Rickenburger has been making rounds in the photography circles. It's a moment in time in which he was able to catch a meteor flying into his shot.

Photographers constantly set shots up. Whether it's a studio shoot for an ad campaign or setting up a street shot, we all keep shooting in the same spot either tinkering with settings or waiting for the opportune moment to snap the shutter.

Scott Rickenburger was setting up a shot of his friends camping out in Joshua Tree National Park when a meteor managed to creep its way into the frame. This shot epitomizes the photographer's experience. We wait, we compose, expose, and learn the process of photography, but we all shoot good shots over and over again in anticipation of that great shot.

Photography is a craft like any other and being a craft there are a number of skills you have to learn to get better at it. Yet, no matter how many skills a photographer has attained he or she still is a person who is chasing moments. We strive to capture moments in time forever, in the way that our minds eye sees them.

One of my favorite podcasts called This Week in Photo or TWiP, talked about this photo as well as those moments that photographers chase.

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