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Photo: Vietnam, Lao Cai Province by Jacob Maentz

I've really liked Jacob Maentz' work in the past because I think he's an excellent photographer. He does a lot of travel photos in a street-photography aesthetic or view. What I mean by that is that many of his shots are wide, encompass a lot of both foreground and background, and they give you a sense of setting with which you begin to tell yourself a story. His use of wide-angle shots really help to bring out the story element. He also uses a lot of diagonal elements in his photos. This helps to add some level on dynamism to the photos. Along with these diagonal lines he uses some lead-ins to draw people in (a lot of the lead-ins are diagonal lines of some sort).

In the photo above, he uses the diagonal lines of the rice field to draw your eyes through the photo, which brings you to the (woman?) who's farming the rice.

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