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Photo: The World's Deadliest Drug: Inside a Krokodil cookhouse

Krokodil is a terrible drug that gives addicts a high similar to heroin at a fraction of the cost. The drug is known as "Krokodil" because the mixture is so toxic to the human body that it can make the skin around the injection site look black and scaly like the skin of a crocodile. In extreme cases it causes the flesh to fall off the body in chunks. My best guess is that these addicts were most likely former heroin addicts who are now looking for a much cheaper fix, or just can't afford heroin anymore. I think in all likelihood it's considered a cheaper alternative much like crack is to cocaine. It is often said that photojournalism is about capturing moments. In this photo series Emanuele Satolli does just that.

WARNING: The images are pretty graphic and can be disgusting, but I think this is a well told story of their lives as addicts.

The photo above is all about the moment. Satolli is able to capture a moment of what appears to be desperation as the rush hits the addict. The  addict is clearly in a highly emotional state either in desperation from the drug he's about to inject or from the high itself and Satolli did an amazing job of capturing this moment. Unfortunately his face isn't 100% sharp but when taking a quick photo like this, errors can be made, and even still it can add a certain feeling of motion or uneasiness to the photo that would be appropriate in this shot.

This shot is much more about the composition as well as the context that it provides. Compositionally we're given a diagonal lead-in on both sides the point to the subject who is preparing part of the process of the creation of Krokodil. Not only that but this photograph also provides the viewer with an important context into the addict's life. We are shown what his living conditions look like and certain parts of his lifestyle aside from drug usage.


This photo is all about the context. Here we're shown a small part of the process of the creation of the drug.

Within the context of this series this photo is amazing. The composition is brilliant because of the symmetry down the center with the subject's back shown bare. The depth-of-field is shallow enough to slowly blur out the background in a great way. The shadows and angle of lighting here are also amazing, they highlight the texture in the subject's skin and hair. Finally, the best element of this entire shot is the cross in the middle. It's sort of an irony that this man wears this cross while he destroys his body with such a terrible drug. It's also the focal point of the shot and lies in the center of the symmetry.

This final shot is the one I warned you about. It's an example of what the drug has done to the leg of an addict after repeated use. For more and the article on Time click here.



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