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Photo: Sikh Temple - Adam Ryan Morris

This photographer captured portraits of some people effected by the Sikh Temple Shooting in Wisconsin by a neo-nazi in 2012. The photos show a human element of the aftermath that is well framed.

There isn't much I can say about the above photo that isn't already obvious. What's more important is the emotion and context of the photo. This family is almost certainly one of the families that lost a love one in the shooting, presumably the father/husband figure, yet it's never safe to assume. But going off of that assumption for a minute provides us with a deep emotional context for this photo. I'll let the photograph do the rest of the talking.


This man was obviously attacked by the shooter. This photo, like the one above it, obviously carries an emotional depth that is unbelievable. The impact upon the viewer is intense. That scar is intense.


This knife. A simple photo of the knife. Normally this wouldn't mean much but in this context it means much more. Simple lighting flush right with a white background and soft overexposure.

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