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Photo: Sebastião Salgado: The Silent Drama of Photography

Sebastião Salgado is an amazing photographer. In my eyes he uses his photography as a form of activism to stand up for what he believes is right in the world. In my previous post I breakdown part of his style & technique. I though I'd share a TED Talk of his to illustrate the power of photography as an agent for social change.

There came a point in his career as a photojournalist where he began to feel physically ill from what it was that he was document. After photographing so many injustices and social issues, he decided that he needed to put down his camera.

Part of this journey began with inheriting the land of his parents in Brazil which had been largely deforested  since Salgado was a child. Using forest engineering they were able to bring back the ecosystem that once was there and preserve it as a national park. Since then he's gotten companies and governments around the world to invest in reforestation.

This work inspired him to come back into photography and to document nature instead of humans. But it's this focus on nature and it's beauty that I find incredible in a National Geographic sort of way. He takes these brilliant photographs of our world and the animals in it to remind us that we have to do something to preserve it the way it is, and not live "in contradiction with nature" as he says.

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