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Photo: Ominous - Nikhil Shahi

This shot is so dark and gritty. Love it. The lens used was definitely a good one. Everything is tack-sharp in this shot (the sign of good glass).

The photographer caught the perfect time of day and weather for this type of shot. Bellow the water is slightly blurred by it's motion, which means he used a slow shutter speed, yet the rocks are perfectly in focus. To do this he absolutely needed a tripod. Shooting that slow of a shutter speed handheld would've been far too blurry.

If you look at the background you can see that everything is in focus, which tells you that he was using a  relatively deep depth-of-field (a high f-stop number) probably around f/16 or so.

The exposure makes this shot too. The shine on the rock in the foreground really highlights the texture. It's beautiful.

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