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Photo: Milford Sound - Josh Lyon

So. This shot is absolutely gorgeous. It exemplifies the reasons why I gravitate towards vertical photos as opposed to horizontal. In this situation using vertical is a much better way to fully sample the scene. You can include much more foreground and background than you would be able to horizontally. It feels far more inclusive to me, while also tempting the viewer with only a sliver of what's in front of the camera.

I want you guys to notice  the layers in this shot as well. Out of the 3 major components of the shot, the foreground, mid, and background, there are layers within. Depending on how you look at this there are 4-6 layers. The fact that the land is punctuated by the water twice creates huge visual interest.

The composition is also interesting. The diagonal lines make my eyes go back and forth diagonally within the frame.

The depth-of-field in this shot is HUGE. Everything is tack-sharp. I love it.

I find the gloomy/cool colors to be absolutely beautiful too.

Great shot.

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