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Photo: Lens Blog & Framework Blog

Both these blogs are excellent sources of top-notch photojournalism.

Personally I find the New York Times Lens blog to be a notch or two above the LA Times Framework blog and here's why.

The quality of the photography on the Lens blog (in general) seems to be higher. The composition, lighting, and practically everything that makes an excellent photograph seems to be much sharper. Edgier. Punchier (if that's a word)...

The Lens blog also seems to feature only work by New York Times photographers. If not then it is work that has been contracted or bought by the NYT. The Framework blog on the other hand seems to be a collective of photography. They feature LA Times photographers, AP photographers, Getty Images, and even NYT photographers.

Ultimately if you're looking for a solid source of photojournalism in your life, either of these blogs are great places to get it. Personally I'd start with the NYT Lens blog though.

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