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Photo: "Desert Air" - George Steinmetz

"Desert Air" is another photo series featured in the Communication Arts 54th Annual Photography Issue. According to Comm Arts this series "is the first comprehensive photographic documentation of the world's extreme deserts... George spent 15 years on this epic body of work, capturing surreal, aerial visions of deserts from his motorized paraglider, the world's lightest and slowest aircraft. The pictures were taken in 27 countries plus Antartica."

The photos from this series are marvelous. Steinmetz uses unusual angles to create beautiful, unique compositions that feel surreal.

His style revolves around placing shapes within the frame in ways that you wouldn't be able to on the ground. It's a different way  of telling a story than we have seen. Because of the distance he's able to incorporate much more into the scene and provide viewers with much more background than usual.

The perspective changes the story. It's the same story as on the ground, but because the perspective is so drastically different the story that these photos tell is much different than photos from the ground level. In the photo above, from the ground the photo may be about the one man or woman doing this work. From Steinmetz's perspective, it could be about the man, or his surrounding environment, or even perhaps about his local community and the market for this particular item in the photo.

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