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Photo: Candles, Patiala - Marji Lang

Candles, Patiala

If you haven't already heard, Flickr is a great photography community. It's a good place to dabble with projects and get feedback on your photography. I know I has been integral in my growth in the past. This photo appeared in the "Explore" section of Flickr. It's sort of a trending area for photos. Some are amazing and some are okay.

This photo is definitely an amazing one and it comes from Flickr user Marji Lang. Lang captured a beautiful moment here, and from the tags on the photo it seems to be from the Punjab area of India.

First of all it's important to point out that candlelight does wonders for the human skin. It's the one things that makes human skin look most organic. Incandescent light comes close, but candlelight still trumps it by far.

The second thing that should be pointed out in this shot it the depth-of-field. The DOF in this shot is shallow enough that it softly blurs the child behind the subject and blurs the building behind them even more. Also, with this shallow a DOF you also get what's called "bokeh". To see what bokeh is you have to look on the lights of the building behind. Because the lights behind are blurred, they take a certain blurry, bubbly shape that the shallow aperture f-stop causes.

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