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OPI - Nails That Refuse To Be Ignored

One of my campaigns that I've worked on in Texas Creative (our advertising portfolio program) for my student portfolio this past semester was OPI nail polish. I definitely had some fun with this one. It was really fun concepting with my partner Andy Verderos and it was particularly interesting as two guys who didn't know much about nail polish. Anyone that knows OPI knows that they have absolutely ridiculous names for their colors. We tried a couple copy-driven directions using the names of colors and settings but it ended being too boring and uninspired.

Instead the concept we ended up running with is called "Nails That Refuse To Be Ignored" (which is the tagline) and in the end I decided to use stark imagery for it. The first round of shots weren't the best since we were rushed with a week or so till our presentation. When having our review an art director gave some advice of including the product in the shot after our professor told us not to. I've recently reshot the campaign altogether and ended up with the following shots:


As a student art director I really like these shots. I think they came out well, and I'm glad to see that I'm not bad at photography still!

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