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New Orleans

So we went to New Orleans because our cruise left from there. It's kinda weird. Within a matter of a few weeks I've been pretty much everywhere I've lived, it's a weird thing to experience all those places in such a short matter of time, they're so completely different. Anyway back to the trip.

So the night we got there they had this thing in the French quarter called the "White Linen Festival" where practically everyone wears white (hence the name) and they enjoy many open art galleries along with wine and music in the streets among other things. It was quite cool. It also reminded me of the cool artsy side of New Orleans that I love.

Photos after the jump.

First one is an HDR of  St.Louis Cathedral

This  shot was this, um, art, that we saw in a window of what I believe was a bar near the festival and I wanted the shot :)

Yes those are topless women painted in a window, only in New Orleans (another reason to love it). As you can see they posed for me :D this shot is very noisy because it was night and I was shooting something around ISO 6400 so yeah.

This next one is a shot of people dancing as a band played in the streets, the song they were playing at the time was called "My Baby Don't Wear No Draws" and if that isn't the name of the song it should be because it was pretty much the only lyric in the whole damn song. Also a good amount of the people in front of the band dancing were covered in paint, some girls were topless which usually put a smile on my face, in other instances I may have grimaced just a bit.

I liked the effect my wide angle was giving me, it allowed me to include all the people in the shot and to give it some perspective and setting. I love it. Once again another reason to love New Orleans.

Okay well I recommend festivals like this to anyone wanting to see New Orleans, they're just an awesome way of getting to see the culture of New Orleans and the amazingly hospitable people of New Orleans as well :)

and if you go then... Happy Shooting in the Big Easy :D

Daniel Regueira