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Wednesday, September 2 we had an event here at UTSA called the "Wing Fling" and we were told we'd get free food and free shirts along with a band performing. The line for the food was very long (what can you expect with free stuff at a university) so I didn't really get any but I got some shots of the band that played there, Needmore. They were pretty damn good. I got three shots that I liked out of many, many that I took...

The first is my favorite, the singer played piano and guitar and in this shot he's playing piano as he's singing. The color of the lights were awesome.

I did a decent amount of processing because I just wanted these colors to pop along with the singer popping out as well. Some people think it's a bit too touched up but that's just my taste.

These next two shots are black and white because I thought they looked very cool black and white.

This first black and white is very heavily darkened which made quite the cool effect in the shot.

The heavy darkening in the shot really brings out something that I like about it. Just the contrast itself looks quite interesting

This last shot is the second black and white I made, I shot from near the bottom of the stage looking up, I wanted to include the water bottles in the foreground while including some of the sky in the background.

Ok that's it really so with that I bid you adieu... that's bye in French so I'm told...

Happy Shooting

Daniel Regueira