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Lytro's New Camera

Say hello to the Lytro. A really really really cool new way to take photos.

This new fangled doohickey is what's called a "Light Field" camera. Now, Lytro isn't the first company to offer one of these cameras, but, it's the first to offer them for sale to the general public. But forget all that. Let's get into what makes this camera super cool.


The main feature that light field technology can boast is allowing you to focus your photos after they've been taken. Yes. After. Lytro calls this the "Living Picture" because even after you've imported it to your computer and posted it online, you, your friends, viewers, or whoever sees them, can refocus the image to whatever point they want. Wicked.

(Also check these photos of the new iPad taken by the Lytro from New York Times blogger Nick Bilton)

(And this NPR article/audio)

A well know Austin photographer, Trey Ratcliff, said this about the Lytro in a post on G+:

"I like to bend technology around to my will for the sake of art. And this Lytro CAN do something really cool that no one is really talking about. I've dipped in and see that there are 9 files generated for every photo. By re-working these and changing the package of presentation, you can craft something AWESOME. And, whenever I am allowed to share it, you will see what I mean."

Not sure what exactly this is supposed to mean, but he's hinting at some potential for 3D technology. Whether we'll actually see that or not remains to be determined but the possibility is most certainly there. And it would be awesome.


Ultimately it's a super cool concept, and I'd love to get my hands on one and check it out. The general consensus from reviewers though, is that it isn't really ready for mass use just yet. It's a really cool camera, and if you want to be the guy or gal who's got that cool new thing that they love to show off then go ahead and drop $400 for an 8gb one.

I'd still recommend against it. As always 1st gen. products just aren't that great and it's always good to give the product a year or two to mature some. Some common complaints about the Lytro now are that the screen has to be viewed straight on and that the glare can be a problem.

For me, definitely not worth it yet. Being a broke college kid God knows I can't afford to drop five hundo on a camera like this. I'd much rather drop big money on these Persol's or this $2000 lens that I've been mouthwatering over :)


I've embedded a review by a very trusted source of mine (dpreview) check it out if you're considering buying the camera still.