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Just got in to the Duolingo beta

Before I say anything watch this TED talk:

Wasn't that guy awkwardly hilarious?  If you're going to TLDR this one then I'm sorry for you. For those of you that watched it. Thanks for staying around. And you're welcome.
For those of you that didn't watch here's a short couple of notes:

  • This guy worked on the team that made Captcha. That thing we all hate.
  • Then they made Re-Captcha which is it's own small business that uses that same system to digitize old books
  • Now they're applying this technology to a service that offers you language classes for free, while helping translate online articles into the language(s) you're learning.

It's in beta right now and I just got admitted. Thought I'd share a couple screenshots with you.

First you start with super simple stuff to start learning. If you're really good at a language skip through this part.

Then you move on to the cool part, translating articles online (like wikipedia).

If you don't know certain words, just hover over them with your mouse.

You can sign up for the list here. Right now they're offering Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Chinese. I suggest you sign up soon. This is gonna blow up in a couple years.