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J. Walter Thompson - Echar Pa'lante


JWT did this... campaign? in Puerto Rico for the Banco Popular there. Since the success of this bank was hinged on the overall economic success of the island itself, they decided that somehow encouraging people to work hard would be beneficial to this goal.


(There's a video here on their website explaining it, check it out, especially if you do not know Spanish)


To understand what they did you have to know a little about salsa music. One of the biggest hits in the genre of salsa is a song by El Gran Combo called "Y No Hago Mas Nada". The translation is "And I do nothing more". I'm not quite sure whether it was social commentary or literally how the members of the band live, but the song is about someone who basically does nothing with their life and lives off of welfare which was common in Puerto Rico years ago.

Not exactly the best way to promote people to work.

JWT approached El Gran Combo, and after approaching the band they decided to rewrite the song. The rewrite completely flipped the previous song on it's head. Instead of being about a person who lives life lounging and resting, they wrote the lyrics from the point of view of a hardworking individual in modern Puerto Rico. They named the song "Echar Pa'lante" which more or less means "to move forward".

I absolutely love this idea. I find it to be quite an uplifting one.



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