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How to (accidentally) become a photographer.

Step 1 (optional): Sign up for a photography class thinking that it will be a blow-off, easy-A class with no real point. Step 2: Borrow you dad's camera or buy your own. Mess around taking pictures. Don't take yourself seriously.

Step 3: Realize that you actually enjoy it and that it's harder than it looks.

Step 4: Learn all the mechanics of your camera. Learn about how the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO affect your photos.

Step 5: Realize that you aren't half-bad when you give it an honest attempt.

Step 6: Naturally start taking photos CONSTANTLY, making everything a photographic moment

Step 7: Start sharing your photos on Google+/Flickr/500px/Facebook/whatever and start meeting other photographers.

Step 8: You start mouthwatering over a new model of camera/lenses/strobe/triggers/anythingelsethatwelove.

Step 9: Make money.

Step 10: Buy that thing you were mouthwatering over.

Step 11: Repeat steps 2-10. (Welcome)

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