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HiFiMAN RE-00 IEMs: A Month Later

One of my best friends and co-host on the Techquila Podcast, Berk Gerçek, got me into the idea of shopping on the website Massdrop where you can bulk-order products with thousands of people to get great items for much cheaper than normal. This is of course, at the cost of receiving these products weeks or even months after you've ordered them.

Berk recently has gotten me interested in high-fidelity audio and a few months ago, in April, there was a HUGE cross-promotional push for these bad boys that even involved the popular YouTube channel Unbox Therapy

When I got these puppies in the mail after months of waiting I was pumped. I could not wait to start using them. Unfortunately, at first they hurt like hell. After figuring out that the smaller silicon tips hurt much less than the bigger ones, I still had pretty bad sinus pressure and pain from the seal they formed in my ear. The pain reminded me why I'd stop using IEM's (in-ear monitors) when I was a teen.

I REALLY wanted to keep using these earbuds so I kept looking up how to solve this problem. I even found out the "correct way" to insert earbuds into the ear canal, and while that helped it didn't do much to solve the sinus problems totally.

Eventually Berk, my friend and savior, suggested foam tips made by Comply. These tips expand in your ears like the foam earplugs so you aren't shoving a sealed object down your ear canal causing pressure, discomfort, and pain. These things have done it! I was cured of all my ailments and I could finally enjoy these lovely IEM's.

I'm no audio expert so take this opinion with a grain of salt. Still, I must say these earbuds are fucking incredible, especially for $35. The clarity and sounds is unlike anything I've gotten from earbuds before. Compared to equally priced (or marginally less expensive) Apple earbuds these things are in a league of their own. I love them so much.

If you're in the market for earbuds these are great and I highly recommend them. Alternatively, check out Massdrop and shop around for their options available.

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