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First Start

I call this post my "first start" because it's my first legitimate start at some cool skate park photography. I went last night (Saturday) to the skate park in Amarillo, Texas with my step-brother Sean as my lighting assistant. At first the battery on my wireless trigger and the battery on my flash died which was SO LAME. So we went to a nearby Walmart quickly to buy some batteries and once we got back we started.

I took some shots in the bowl at first. I saw these guys with bikes in the bowl so I stood somewhere where I wouldn't get plastered and had Sean light from above and let them do their thing. My skate park photography is still a work in progress but I did manage to some good shots. Check them out after the jump.

After these guys, this little kid insisted showing off what he could do so I thought I'd take some pics of him skating around. For a kid he was damn good.

I didn't get any satisfactory shots of him doing tricks but I did get one that I like compositionaly. Also I took a portrait of him with his skateboard afterward.

After that this other guy who had a pretty good knowledge of photography started talking to me about my camera equipment and asking me how I do my work. Before he started talking to me I had seen him doing some pretty cool stuff so I figured I'd ask him to do a grind on this rail for me. As with the previous skater, I took his portrait after I got the shot of him doing the stunt.

These shots overall aren't as good as I'd like them to be but I think it's a decent "first start". There will definitely be more skate photography to come because this is one American subculture that I am absolutely in love with.

Happy Shooting!

Daniel Regueira