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I'm Falling Out Of Love With Apple

It's been happening for months. It was a process I didn't even know was happening until I read a sobering break-up letter, by Business Insider contributor Ed Conway, to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Conway hits the nail on the head. He highlights every little frustration that he and many of us have had to deal with. There's a lot to be said about Tim Cook's blunders while CEO but lets take a moment to list out all the things that make me hate my relationship with Apple.

1. Apple, you're just not you anymore

First and foremost I myself have noticed one thing about post-Steve-Jobs-Apple and that is their LACK OF INNOVATION.

This is something that has defined Apple under Steve Jobs. Every he went he left a trail of innovation and inspiration. Look at Pixar. Pixar is arguably the most successful animation studio IN THE WORLD, and that is mostly in part due to Steve Jobs involvement. He then returned to Apple and literally changed the world of computers, MP3 players, smart phones, tablet computers, and the textbook industry.

Steve Jobs was arguably the innovating force of Apple, as well as their best advocate for the consumer, spending hours, days, and months making sure a product was perfect enough for release to the general public.


2. The iPad Mini DOESN'T have Retina Display

Yes, I know for many of you it's not a huge problem. You can live with a tiny iPad that doesn't have Apple's Retina Display, and that's okay.

I on the other hand expected to have Retina Display in an iPad Mini. As a photographer and general appreciator of aesthetics I  need as much quality as I can get on a screen.

The display of Google's Nexus 7 has about 216 ppi, whereas the iPad mini has about 163 ppi (here). Coming from the company that has pioneered displays and been on the side of photographers and designers for years, it is just sad and pitiful. And the fact that the Nexus 7 has higher resolution and a (significantly) lower price-tag (at $250 for 32gb) makes me wonder what the fuck Apple was thinking offering the iPad mini for $330 at 16gb with NO RETINA DISPLAY!!!!

Sorry. Rant over.... Moving on.


3. iOS 6 is absolute shit

Everyone is familiar with the map problems on iOS 6. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, this will help:

What you see above is a comparison of Apple's new maps application on iOS 6 after they decided to do away with Google Maps in iPhone. There are a number of other problems besides quality, such a mislabeled roads, landmarks, buildings, etc.

In what seems to be extreme hubris, Cook decided that they'd do the maps for their phones, not Google, but instead failed to release a product that was usable by the masses. Absolute fail.

Maps aside there are no revolutionary new features in this reiteration of iOS. The one thing that kind of matters is Facebook integration and Conway makes the point in his letter that Facebook integration should've been done years ago.


4. Lightning docks are a scam

This is something else Conway mentions in his letter. The new "Lightning Docks" introduced in the new iPhone and iPad models are marketed as being "much faster".

Conway among many others will tell you that it's all a big lie. Yes, it is indeed faster, but barely. Really all the lightning port did was enable Apple to make things smaller.

Cool, you can make things smaller. But now everyone has to buy all new accessories for their beloved iOS devices. New docks, stereos, chargers, etc. This enables Apple to program obsolescence into their new devices requiring us (the poor schmucks stuck buying everything Apple) to buy newer models of everything, helping out Apple's revenue stream.

...In conlusion

Apple used to be about the counterculture. They used to be the cool kids on the block. The ones who hated the status quo, and loved" the crazy ones", the "troublemakers", and "the one's who see things differently". They used to think they were crazy enough to change the world. They made uncompromising changes to their computers and changed the computer industry with Steve Jobs at the helm.

Now the world is changing them.

Tim Cook is just playing a simple marketing game of offering whatever others offer but Apple-flavored. (iPad Mini = case in point). The Apple of Tim Cook has been all about compromising, not innovating. Cook's Apple seems to be all about the status quo, not thinking different.

I must admit Apple is still on top of the personal computer realm in my book. But if Tim Cook stays at it, they may lose that as well.

Apple, I'm sorry, but I just don't love you anymore. It was great while it lasted.

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