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Electro-Fruit Photography

Yeah. You read right.

A photographer by the name of Caleb Charland made this amazing series of photographs called "Back To Light" where he powered lightbulbs with fruits.

It's just like that old potato-battery experiment. He used a galvanized nail and copper wiring in each fruit to generate a current. The simplicity of this project is amazing. 

On his website he says:

"Since all this is a dream my hope is that these photographs function as micro utopias by suggesting and illustrating the endless possibilities of alternative and sustainable energy production. The cycle that begins with the light of our closest star implanting organic materials with nutrients and energy, is re-routed in these images, Back to Light, illuminating earth once again."

Although what he says is pretty sensationalized I personally agree, this body of work does illustrate the point that forms of sustainable energy on this planet are everywhere and we need only look for them.

Either way, this body of work is just cool. It's photographically well done in every way.

The composition in the photo above is just spectacular, using the branches and the cords to draw attention to the central point. 

This macros shot is also brilliant. The shadows compositionally draw the eye to the center point. Furthermore the brightness of exposure and color draw the eye to the central point of this citrus. Very well-done.

Lastly the post-processing (AKA filter for you non-creatives) is very well-thought-out. He's clearly trying to evoke a still-life painting look here similar to the style of Rembrandt.  So well-done. This sepia tone really creates a dull look to the photos that makes the citrus and fruits pop out that much more.

Thanks for stopping by y'all.

Daniel Regueira