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Dawn of the Smartwatch

The Apple Watch is Great

Apple has made quite a beautiful device with the Apple Watch. It's possibly the most sleek and shiny smartwatch I've seen.

Jony Ive and the folks at Apple really knocked the hardware design out of the park with this one. The beautiful design is especially noticeable if you look at the stainless steel and gold versions of the watch.

Furthermore the software is very pretty as well. They've chosen to use strong colors against an ink black backdrop. The home screen is a beautiful bubble-like assortment of apps that you navigate with the "digital crown" as well as your fingers.

After seeing the beautiful aesthetic that Apple has been developing over the years we shouldn't really be surprised though.

Kind Of...

All those things being said... Functionally, there isn't much to this phone compared to other smartwatches.

Normally when Apple releases a product they tend to revamp or redefine a product category, yet this time around it really does feel like Apple is just saying "Hey! Look! We can make one of those too! And it's pretty :D"

There's nothing ground shattering here. Every idea in this watch (except for the stupid heart rate thing and shitty emojis) is just lifted off the Android Wear equivalent.

On top of that the pricing is ridiculous. The cheapest Apple Watch option ($350) costs more than a lot of premium Android Wear devices and the Apple Watch can go for (I'm not fucking kidding here) $17,000....

What? Are you serious? Only rich brats and assholes are gonna buy that watch. (to be fair destroying the thing is a great reason to buy it...)

Android's Pretty Great

I won't lie. I'm an Android fanboy. I believe that form follows function. My devices reflect that.

First and foremost, there is one thing that differentiates Android products from Apple products. Google Now is head and shoulders above Siri (and is only getting better). Another nice thing about Android watches is the option for a circular watch. I personally would want to avoid a square watch-face at all costs because that just feels weird.

Overall, since you're plugged into the Google suite of apps, you'll likely get a lot of function out of one of the suckers. That's why I'd generally prefer them over the Apple alternative is that they just DO more.

They're Both Rudimentary

It'll be years until smartwatches penetrate the market half as much as smartphones, in their current state these things are really only suitable for brand/tech evangelists.

The Apple Watch is gorgeous but lacks much functionality of the Android Wear watches (especially for the price).

Android watches have the powerhouse of Google Now built-in but lack the beauty of an Apple Watch.

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