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David Choe - Shoplifter, gambler, degenerate, destroyer of property, and artist

 [Note: a few videos are defunct. Working on finding the replacements] David Choe is a degenerate. A destroyer of beauty. A law-breaker. A dirty, porn-obsessed man who paints dirty portraits of women and sex regularly.

He's also one of the most unconventionally brilliant artists around today.

He's made more widespread commercial success very recently and back in 2005 did a mural for the original Facebook office. He was offered $60,000 for the mural in cash instead he went for stock options despite thinking Facebook was "a joke" and when Facebook had its IPO he was worth millions.



David Choe is a Korean-American from Los Angeles whose youthful fits of rebellion carried on into adulthood.

"Once I figured out how good I was at stealing, that was it, that was a career choice for me. I never fooled myself into thinking 'I'm gonna shoplift the little things.' I turned that into a career." - Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe


Through this destructive lifestyle and almost nihilistic attitude he's achieved a near mastery of a very visceral style of self-expression. For David Choe censoring any of his work is the only sin that can be committed. His uter disregard and abondonment of rules has lead him to a beautifully evocative and emotional form of self-expression.

"I'm all about self destruction. I've lost everything that belongs to me many times in my life so I don't care about posessions or am bound by them. I don't care if I live or die tomorrow, that makes me either really stupid or really brave and fearless. I'm the kid who would make gigantic starships out of every single lego in the house and then throw it against the wall after I was fone just to see it break. It's how my style was developed." - David Choe (Book)

This visceral self-expression is a very unique and beautiful thing. It's raw artistic emotion.





It's raw emotion and vision taking shape through the dialogue of the canvas. He doesn't just wear his emotions on his sleeves  He spews them out onto the canvas to be seen by all who look. Forever frozen in time.

Some find his style to be crude, demented, perverted, or disgusting. This may be true but these people also refuse to acknowledge that the human experience, in its truest sense, can be a very crude one. It takes a certain type of artists to take all of their emotion & vision and throw it onto a canvas/wall/home without any regard  for what anyone will think. Without a thought of revision, skepticism, or refinement.

The byproduct is art in its purest form:



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