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Chichén Itzá

So I went on a cruise departing from New Orleans, it was a five day cruise and one of our ports of call (stops) was a coastal town of Mexico called Progreso in the Yucatan peninsula. From there we took a 2 hour bus ride to the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá. Last year we went to Tulum and I've gotta say it wasn't that impressive, this year Chichén Itzá did not disappoint nor did our guide, an old sage of Mayan decent named Mario (the word sage is really cool don't judge me). These ruins were absolutely awesome, the only complaint I had was the god damned heat, it was WAY too hot. That was the only unenjoyable aspect of the trip and nobody can really control that so I must say, job well done to all the tour guides and also to the poor Mayans who had to build these damn things.

This first shot is of the most impressive building in the whole place, this temple-like structure in the middle of all the other ruins. It was awesome. When you clap at it directly it makes some sort of weird meow-like noise. Also on the sides of the steps on each solstice or equinox, I don't remember which, when the sun hits it just right you see the image of a snake which was a revered animal in the Mayan culture. This building was definitely planned out by some top Mayan engineers back in the day, my shot doesn't come near to doing it justice.

This shot is an HDR with my wide angle lens. I forgot to do this but I didn't have a tripod because they weren't allowed which was uber-lame so all these HDR's are handheld. Blah okay next one

This next shot is just an area of the ruins I thought looked cool and would make a good shot, I'm not really sure what they are but they all lead to another temple-like structure. Here's the shot.

This is another handheld HDR, lightroom processed, the usual stuff. That's it.

Okay so in conclusion Chichén Itzá was friggen AWESOME, if you're into history and in particular ancient history then this is definitely a place you wanna visit.

okay on that note,

Happy Shooting

Daniel Regueira