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Beats Audio is a Scam

I've recently gotten an HTC One. I love the phone, but the built in HTC software is a bit bothersome to me. If I were to recommend a new smartphone to anyone, it'd be either the HTC One or the Nexus 5.

The speakers on the HTC One are amazing. Hands down. And one of the things that the phone comes with built into the software is something called "Beats Audio". Because of a lot of misinformation, many people think that the speakers themselves are made by Beats, but this is wrong. The speakers themselves are made by HTC.

Beats Audio isn't the hardware, it's the built-in software. It's actually an equalizer. The tricky part is that when you turn it ON it has an equalizer meant to amplify low-tones and high-tones, but when you turn it OFF it sets an equalizer that does the opposite.  When Beats Audio is turned off an equalizer is applied that amplifies mid-tones while muddling the highs and lows.

What they're doing is tricking people into thinking that this Beats Audio equalizer sounds way better than it actually does. It's a very smart but very deceptive marketing ploy on their part.

Normally I'm a fan of clever advertising, but in this instance it's done to blatantly trick consumers, and that's not cool.

In case you were wondering Beats headphones also has this equalizer built in.

You can get a more precise breakdown from MKBHD (a very smart techie with a very popular YouTube channel)

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