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Art, Copy & Code - Google

"A Time of Change

In the 1960's, advertising went through a creative revolution that changed everything simply by partnering up art directors and copywriters. The idea of a creative team made up of art and copy was born.

Today, it’s happening again. We’re in the midst of a second creative revolution, driven by technology. Code is being added to the core creative process, enabling new forms of brand expression and engagement. Art, copy and code is the creative team for the connected world." (

Google is doing something quite interesting. Coding and digital/tech interaction is becoming more and more important.

Google has teamed up with creative houses like 72 and Sunny,YesYesNo, and others, pairing art directors, copywriters, and coders from Google. There isn't too much on the website because most of the projects are a work in progress.

This particular example is a little lame, but it's the only one on their website right now.




Guess I need to start learning code now...

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