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The Ahh Effect - Wieden + Kennedy

"The taste of Coca-Cola is a complex feeling of happiness, satisfaction and refreshment all at once, and yet there remains one little word that best sums it up: "AHH." In celebration of that "AHH" moment, Coca-Cola is owning AHH online by buying every URL, from two h's all the way to 61 h's. The campaign’s 61 unique URLs are each home to an original experience—including films, games, animated GIFs and more—that bring to life the dimensions of AHH and offer bite-sized interactive experiences featuring teen-worthy moments of randomness, creativity and delight.

And yet the AHH effect is different for everyone, which is why Coca-Cola is holding some of the URLs for fans to tell us what they think "AHH" feels like. Some of the most user-generated creative ideas will be produced and live on one of the sites." - (

W+K is crazy. Each of these URL's feature different things for coke. I'm pretty sure last week the games were different and this week there are other interactive pages.

Mentioning this in passing to people they question whether or not it adds value to coke. To me it seems to be a branding effort that makes coke seem pretty cool through these URL's and games.

My opinion is somewhat subjective, but most people would agree that this helps to contribute to the popular coke brand image and adds some fun to it. It's a pretty interesting interactive effort.

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