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Windows 8: Innovation Reborn

Apple's innovations died with Steve Jobs. iOS feels like the same, stale experience it's always been, and purchasing a Nexus 7 Google tablet has been my first foray into the world of Android OS, which feels much more organic than iOS does now. Jelly Bean is an excellent OS for mobile especially on the Nexus 7. In my opinion Android has finally caught up to Apple in quality and is beating it at it's own game.

Yet I believe that Windows 8 is the absolute most creative thing that Microsoft has ever done, and I believe it's one of the most innovative things ever done in computing. The new CEO has been touted as a reincarnation of Steve Jobs, having an emphasis on design and innovative UX.

The basic concept of Windows 8 is simple. It's one operating system that runs on both PC's and mobile devices, allowing the use of both a desktop mode and an app mode.

It makes for an interesting desktop experience, especially with touchscreen enables PC's. Yet the magic, in my opinion, happens on mobile.

Tablets being able to run in desktop mode is a super powerful concept. Studying on campus I saw this kid nearby with a Surface tablet using in desktop mode had a USB mouse plugged in and he was photoshopping on it. Photoshopping. On a tablet. Whoa.

This is by far the most innovative and powerful part of the Windows 8 operating system. Being able to run powerful applications/programs like photoshop on such a small/portable device is going to further revolutionize the way we use computers.