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4th of July 2009

First off, wow, what an amazing independence day :) Thank you to everyone that was there, it was an amazingly well spent 4th of July.

Basically we went to Mamaroneck to watch the fireworks there and the group consisted of myself, Chrstine, Nauser, Schneier, Ali, Jess and many of their friends. It was a good time for me :)

We arrived at this park in Mamaroneck and I decided to take some shots of Christine as we laid on the blanket we set up. This is the product of that.

I also have a black & white version of this shot on my flickr. I did very light touching up on this shot, it's almost straight out of camera.

Then hours later after chilling and kicking it back the fireworks started and we all laid down and enjoyed them... except for me... the photographer... I was busy taking pics every 2 seconds. This is the product of me becoming a human intervelometer.

This one is once again very light editing, it's just a tad brighter with some fill light to get the foreground, otherwise it's not edited much at all other than usual editing.

Finally late last night Christine and I did something that I've wanted to do forever... we successfully "painted" with light :)

If you wanna see the hilarious failures before this one then click on the image and scroll down

Happy Shooting and...

Daniel Regueira