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Freelance Work - BloodLust! Album Design

BloodLust! Album Design

Freelance Work - Design, Print, & Production


BloodLust! Album Design

My coworker, Mark Solotroff, commissioned me to design 2 vinyl album covers. These albums were to be released through his record label BloodLust! on vinyl.

My task was to design the album art for the vinyl using some inspiration imagery provided by the artists themselves.


Bleeding Out

The first album in the assignment was the album “Bleeding Out” by Envenomist. The best way I could describe the artist’s work is “electronic-noise soundtrack”. It sounds as if it would be the background music to a Twilight Zone episode.

 The design had to reflect the impression listening to the music had left on me. It had to be desolate. Lonely. Not explicitly creepy, yet off. Luckily I had photography that fit the bill.

(Click the photos below to get a closer look)

Choosing Your Own Brand of Evil

The second album in this assignment was the album “Choosing Your Own Brand of Evil” by Iugula-Thor. Their music is best described as “industrial-noise”.

This album, while sounding really similar to some friends, sounded completely different to me and needed different design treatment to reflect that.